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Sensitizing Paper:

There are two commercially available cyanotype chemical kits from the Photogropher's Formulary ( the “traditional” and the “new” process. The results of both Original methods seem similar but the liquid is not only simpler (mixing two liquid components equally) it also does not involve the grinding, heating, dilution, and filtering of compounds which contain cyanide among other hazardous chemicals. The "new" method seems similar. It should be noted however that ALL cyanotype processes use potassium ferricyanide.

Original Cyanotypes Liquid & Dry

I would not advise using this method in it's 'Dry' form but the Formulary's Original Cyanotype Kit is easy to use by following the instructions on the following pages... which amount to mixing parts 'A' and 'B' in equal parts and applying them to a substrate under low light conditions (incandecent light bulbs do not emit enough UV-radition to cause a reaction). Methods of application depend on the surface being coated.

New Cyanotype Kit

The Formulary's New Cyanotype Kit was formulated by Dr. Michael Ware in 1997. I have not yet tried this formulation.