MEANS: Concrete p.9


Production Methods:

Hanging Skeleton

Popular in professional boat yards and with DIY boat builders alike this is the most common method of building a concrete boat and is not unlike the building of a steel or wooden boat.This method was used in making the 57-foot Noidea in 2003 and is detailed at: How To Build a Ferro-Cement Boat in Easy(?) Stages

USAID- inverted mold

"This is a record of the building of ten 42-ft.
fishing boats in the Bahamas. It illustrates the
methods, equipment and organization required
to construct ten ferro-cement boats on a remotely
situated beach, with relatively unskilled labor...."


Finishing Cement boats is much like other boats as long as positions for fittings, mechanicals, etc. have been accounted for in the initial forn, including steel substructures.

Alternative methods:
Sand (inverted self-supporting aggregate: see following pages