MEANS: Concrete p.11

The Concrete Boat I (Download PDF)

1. Measure a grid to trace the shape of the hull.

2. The grid should measure 6 by 13 feet divided into one-foot squares.

3. Put stakes on the grid to measure the height of the hull at given points.

4. Pile sand until top of the stakes is reached.

5. The boat’s form will begin to take shape.

6. Begin to approximate the final form as the sand piles higher.

7. Keeping the sand wet is a crucial concern.

8. Use a garden hose and sprinkler to keep the parts not being worked on from drying out.

9. Only wet sand remains wet. Any dry sand within the pile will remain dry as the water follows the path of the already wet sand.

10. Once the top of the stakes is reached, the sand pile is ready to be formed into the intended shape. (For details on this form see: Ways Boat I, B)
of cement and sand.