MEANS:Boats p. 3

Aegean Concrete Dinghy:

In July and August 2011 a prototype for a cement boat was built. A hybrid of the Inverted Self-Supported Sand Aggregate method used in The Concrete Boat Project and more standard methods was used. The result was a modified form of the U.S. NAVY: FERRO-CEMENT, BOAT BUILDING method. In this case however the wooden substructure was used as a waste mold and was destroyed after the hull is complete.

The new method uses a no longer seaworthy hull as a mold on top of which a mesh and concrete hull is formed. As with the earlier boat flipping the completed form poses a considerable challenge and risk to the hull's integrety. However, the possability of collapse is reduced by the mold - i.e. the old boat - which as a bracing structure througout the turning process.

For these tests a 2.85-meter wooden dinghy salvaged from a cabnet maker's wood pile near Turgutreis on the Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey was used.