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An artificial material reconstituted from three primary components that are: aggregates (or inertmatter: sand, gravels, pebbles, etc.), a binder(lime, tar, cement, etc.), a reactive that can play two roles: that of reactive and binder or a single as the water which only intervenes as reactive.The fresh concrete forms a wet mass, more or less plastic, that can be poured in molds or

-- Jean-Paul Kurtz' Dictionary of Civil Engineering

Concrete according to the technical description above is any combination of stone and a binder which forms a solid or semi-solid rock-like substance. This would include all sorts of combinations including Asphalt Concrete, Tarmac, Blacktop, Synthetic Concretes and what is most commonly understood by the venacular term 'concrete' -- Portland Cement Concrete.

This section deals specifically with Portland Cement Concrete, its history, its combination with other materials such as steel and some of the less commonly known uses to which it can be put, such as boat building.